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Want to Learn to Paint?

The Ideal Art & Peace System is designed especially for the person in mid-life who has too much empty time to fill in their life. Learning to "Art" is a great healer, and will bring immense peace for you. I call it the ZenZone. This is something I know first-hand, and am willing to share it with my students. I teach a system that will lead you to be able to work on your own. I dom't tell you which mark to make where, but rather teach you the basics so you don't have to depend on me. Study at your own pace, join the private school Facebook Group, and share your journey with others.

Testimonials that Make me Blush

  • SHARON LARGE: I have enjoyed the class and activities so far. I believe knowing the basics are essential as I can see how this is the building blocks. Also, by taking it slow my confidence is building. I believe my skills are improving already. I even look at the art in my house differently and now can see how the artist uses shapes, tones, and values
  • MELODY WILLOUGHBY: Vicki’s course is definitely for all levels of creatives; no matter one’s skill level. I came into the class with no expectations especially since I did not have an art background or any art training. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover with Vicki’s teaching method how successful I was able to understand and use these basics in my own art. I AM NOT a fine artist but I did not need to be to take this course. I refer to it again and again. Vicki is witty and funny so I was never bored. I would take any course she had to offer.




A free pdf file that tells you how I learned to Art. You can do the same, or check out the school where I will save you YEARS!

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Axully Art Facebook Group



I stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays at A m4:00 CST, for 2 hours give or take. 

All subjects, all mediums, from junque journals to oil painting demos. Join the crazy PIBs (People in the Box) in the chat, or just lurk. 

Lives are available on repeat any time you are and you can fast forward through the talkie parts.

More Testimonials


  • LINA SCHWIECKER: Wow!. This is the first time I have ever seen this kind of "instruction tool" where you visually show what a major difference changes will do!. Thanks for pulling my attention towards the light/shadow issues I have in this drawing. I really would like to re-do the drawing since I have had so many misplaced and missing highlighs and shadows. The study of these 4 symbols is a great tool to understand before moving on to more "multi pattern" shapes like e.g. a face. Right now, I wish to re-do this drawing in oils so I easierly can correct. Thanks Vicki - you are awsome!
  • DIANE RITCHIE: I received my Vicki Ross Kit today with all the excellent supplies! So eager to get started! Thanks, Vicki! Also got what I needed for my space. So I am set
  • SHARON LARGE: Enjoyed the demonstration, excellent. It made the use of shadow and light a lot clearer! Thanks!!
  • I finished the assignment. Lots of fun!! Dancing girl. Sharon Large

About Me

My Statement

"I believe in magic. I believe in the muse that inspires me and in my attempt to communicate a fleeting emotion into art. I believe in art's ability to heal, first the artist, then the viewer...and if by chance my art touches your soul we both win."

My Background

I have been involved in the arts from a young age, and a student, tutor, designer, and constant creator in all media since my 20’s. After a major life-changing event in 2001, I began creating fine art full time. Studying with masters of our time led me to create Axully.com, to share with others some of the tutors I admire.

My first gig was as Design Director of Leisure Arts, with  focus in surface stitchery. A few years later, I was  publisher/owner/designer of my own company, NeedleWorks. My second career as a graphic designer and co-owner of Ross Marketing followed several years later when the Macintosh changed the landscape of the publishing business. I was an early adopter, learning to use the new tools to ease the reproduction of charts, books, websites, and graphic design. Clients such as Chambers of Commerce, J.B.Hunt Transport, performance artists in Branson, MO, honed my skills as an artist in the printing industry.

My third career is as a fine artist. I studied with some of the greatest artists of today, and gained signature status in several international art groups. I have had art on display in Santa Fe, NM., and in France, as well as other galleries in the US. Currently, my focus is mixed media and paper art, teaching online and developing a successful YouTube following.

Find Me

I am currently a designer for www.DecoArt.com, www.CanvasCorp.com, Colourarte.com, and a teacher with www.PaperCraftU.com. All social media links appear above with the icons.

Vicki’s videos on YouTube are full process videos where her students feel like they are sitting with her in the studio.

Image: ©V.N.Ross, Encaustic, Collected.

Blog: http://axully.com

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